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Deputy Coroner

Job Title:
Deputy Coroner
County Name:
York County


Under the supervision of the Coroner and the Chief Deputy Coroner, the full-time Deputy Coroner is responsible for conducting death investigations which requires knowledge of medical terminology, medical records review, forensic medicine, basic pathology of death and the ability to notify next of kin of a family member’s death. The full-time Deputy Coroner will: have knowledge of investigative practices and forensic medicine; be able to handle the physical and emotional demands of visiting death scenes and trauma scenes, including working with the deceased; possess the interpersonal skills required to interact effectively with grieving family members; have good writing skills; assist the Coroner with community education/outreach when available; assist the Coroner with additional staff training/inservices; assist in cremation authorizations; possess computer skills such as report writing, dictation, email, Powerpoint.


-  A two or four-year degree in a natural sciences discipline or a death investigation or healthsciences-related field (e.g., nursing, forensic science or criminal justice)
- Three or more years of experience in death investigation is required.
- Registry Certification by the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators (ABMDI) is required.
- Must maintain ABMDI certification while employed in this role
- Management or leadership experience
- Current Board Certification by ABMDI
- Satisfactory physical condition, as evidenced by a physical examination, is required as a condition of employment
- Ability to pass criminal background and child abuse clearance checks
- Possession of, or ability to obtain, a valid PA Drivers’ License within a reasonable amount of time and prior to start of employment.


Fields office telephone calls when available; issues death certificates; identifies decedents; orders and/or picks up medical records, when indicated; receives reports of deaths from physicians, nurses, health care facilities, county control dispatchers, funeral directors or other persons; determines if case is within legal jurisdiction of the Coroner; prepares written documentation of reported deaths; conducts death investigations including interviewing, compiling reports, visiting scenes of death or injury, taking forensic photographs and collecting evidence; documents physical evidence at scenes, including weapons, drugs, clothing, notes and body fluids; inventories and secures prescription medicines found at scene, placing them in locked safe at office and coordinating their destruction after inventory; coordinates transport of decedent from scene of death; coordinates autopsy, if indicated; draws toxicology or coordinates draw, if indicated; notifies next of kin of decedent’s death; releases remains to funeral home personnel when indicated; testifies in court, if required; reviews autopsy/toxicology findings with families of decedents, if indicated.

Posting Date:
Tuesday, May 9, 2023
Expiration Date:
Friday, June 9, 2023