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A NACo/CCAP Best practice, cashVest® by three+one® brings operational efficiencies to liquidity management for public finance officers. cashVest complements finance offices and provides peace of mind while ensuring you are maximizing the value on all public funds. This tool has brought over $400 million back to the communities we serve.

What benefits does the cashVest service provide? 

  • A consolidated view of how much cash is available and how long each dollar can work for you before it’s needed; this is the time-horizon of funds
  • Marketplace and peer-interest benchmarks, so you can confidently know the value of your cash. 
  • Analyze banking services and fees (where applicable) to ensure an equitable relationship in any market cycle. 
  • Support credit rating(s) - advanced liquidity projections and cash-flow capacity now account for 10% of the framework for ratings.
  • Future liquidity forecasting: weekly cash balance projections to create a more accurate and confident cash management strategy; a complement to traditional cash-flow forecasting that allows you to increase the value of taxpayer dollars.
  • Identify all cash as a value-generating asset, satisfying the cash-management recommendations of oversight and regulatory agencies.
  • A dedicated team focused solely on enhancing your liquidity-management strategy as an objective, third-party data provider. With greater peace of mind, you can focus more time on those you serve.  


Questions concerning cashVest, should be directed to:

cashVest Contacts

Garrett Macdonald, CTP, FPAC
Senior Vide President
Phone:(585) 484-0311 x704

Samantha Rothschild
Marketing Coordinator
Phone:(585) 484-0311 x712

Kyle Cline
National Director of Strategic Partnerships, NACo-FSC
Phone:(317) 502-7415