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Clerk Typist 2 - MH-IDD

Job Title:
Clerk Typist 2 - MH-IDD
County Name:
York County
Position Summary

This is a moderately complex clerical position, which requires keen typing skills, the ability to type from copy and rough draft and responsible to serve as primary telephone operator and receptionist for the agency. Employee functions with considerable independence.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible to perform receptionist duties by greeting visitors, answering telephone calls and providing appropriate information and referral; directing case management issues to the office coverage worker or appropriate case management unit supervisor.
  • Responsible to type documents and correspondence from draft into final form according to instructions.
  • Responsible for the revision and retyping of various forms; creating tables, charts, etc.
  • Responsible to proofread material to ensure information is grammatically correct, complete and adheres to agency criteria.
  • Responsible for alphabetizing and filing of confidential client information.
  • Responsible for scanning documents to Laserfiche.
  • Responsible to maintain several ongoing files and logs of confidential client information.
  • Responsible for incoming and outgoing mail system; responsible to ensure that mail is disseminated in a most efficient and expeditious manner.
  • Responsible to secure office space at close of business.
  • Responsible to close clients’ cases, which involve many steps in the paperwork process; purging file information completion of MH/IDD 10 form terminating services.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Essential Requirements

  • Completion of a high school business curriculum which includes at least one keyboarding course; or any equivalent experience and/or training.
  • Knowledge of English grammar, spelling, and punctuation at a level equivalent to that used in writing or adjusting written materials normally consisting of simple sentence structures, one and two syllable words, and punctuation marks for word, number, and sentence separation.
  • Skill in using computer keyboard.
  • Knowledge of standard office procedures, practices, conduct, and actions necessary in maintaining harmonious working relationships.
  • Knowledge of the techniques applied in using the English dictionary.
  • Knowledge of standard office procedures and practices such as the types, organization, and use of standard office files, logs, forms, and letter formats.
  • Knowledge of intermediate arithmetic which involves calculations similar to adding and subtracting common fractions; and multiplying and dividing by two or more digits, whole numbers, or decimal multipliers and divisors.
  • Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions which explain multifaceted procedures.
  • Ability to perform within processing procedures which involve an understanding of multiple aspects and application of varied standards.
  • Ability to proofread information for conformance with a prescribed pattern or form, to assure the adherence to clerical office methods, or for compliance with specific administrative or procedural rules.
  • Ability to transfer information and present it in a modified form according to rules and procedures.
  • Ability to collect and organize material for reports by determining what available information should be in included and presenting the information in an organized format.
  • Ability to compose straightforward, informational correspondence such as transmittals or acknowledgements in reply to requests or questions on the work process or related information.
  • Ability to perform basic arithmetic calculations such as the adding and subtracting of whole numbers and decimals; and multiplying and dividing by one digit whole number or decimal multipliers and divisors.
  • Ability to organize work and develop effective work methods in an area which involves variable phases of different techniques and procedures.
  • Ability to make duty oriented decisions on the basis of well-defined standards and precedents.
  • Ability to operate office and mail processing machines such as the adding machine, photocopier, and postage meter.
Posting Date:
Wednesday, February 23, 2022
Expiration Date:
Sunday, March 20, 2022
Contact Name:
York County PA
Contact Link:
York County PA