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Court Clerk

Job Title:
Court Clerk
County Name:
York County
Position Summary

The employee will be trained in all facets of Civil law with regard to receiving, processing, indexing and filing a multitude of civil law documents. Training is on a person-to-person basis, but generally six months is the time to become slightly acquainted with the records kept by the Prothonotary. Courtroom protocol and ability to speak in front of attorneys, judges, juries, and litigants is necessary. Understand court directives and recording of events in hearings and trials are required. The Court Deputy will be required to handle records confidential in nature. Issuing documents, which may have an adverse effect on peoples' lives, requires someone who is extremely accurate. Serving attorneys their staff and the public with courtesy and efficiency is necessary.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • General clerical duties including microfilming, typing, filing, handle mail, etc.
  • Issue Subpoenas, various writs, bench warrants, divorce decrees, name changes, rules
  • Prepares numerous types of dockets
  • Investigates and files Writ of Executions
  • Process default judgments and judgments from the court and judgment/transcripts from District Justices, judgments by confession
  • Process Exemplified Records
  • Process Tax Liens, Mechanics Lien Claims, Stipulations against Liens/Non-Lien Agreements
  • Process passport applications
  • File and disseminate court orders
  • Transmit appeal records
  • Transmit divorce cases to court
  • Maintains a journal of the events of cases, keeps track of the exhibits as they are introduced in court, takes custody of the exhibits and they are admitted
  • Swears in the Jury panel, announces jury, swears jury, witnesses, and records outcome of the trial
  • Registers notaries and issues certifications to attach to documents going out of the state or country
  • Handles money 
  • Other reasonable duties as assigned by Supervisor.
Essential Requirements
  • High School Diploma or GED equivalent is required.
  • One (1) year of work experience in the field of Public Safety (Primary areas of fire, emergency medical services and law enforcement.)
  • Proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Must pass a County background check with no record of criminal convictions, and be able to handle CONFIDENTIAL data disclosed which is protected by law.
Posting Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 2022
Expiration Date:
Monday, February 28, 2022
Contact Name:
Luana Taylor
Contact Link:
Luana Taylor