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Register Now for the Annual Conference : August 4-7 in Gettysburg, Adams County!  2024 ANNUAL CONFERENCE

GLIMPSE - Risk Management Workshops

Workshops sponsored by the CCAP Insurance Programs are designed for and open to Pennsylvania counties, county-related entities (CREs) and PELICAN program members. One or more Insurance Programs sponsor each workshop. Member and nonmember fees are determined by whether or not the attendee’s employer is insured by the sponsoring program. Attendees may be elected or appointed officials and employees of Pennsylvania’s counties or CREs. Third-party contracted employees working directly for a county or CRE, and anyone employed by an entity that is a member of one of CCAP’s affiliate associations, are also welcome to attend. However, nonmember registration fees will apply if the attendee is from an entity that is not insured by the sponsoring program. 

Each event has its own registration. This means if you want to attend the course, you must register for each course you plan on attending. You may still register multiple attendees for each session. To complete registration, being this is using a cart process, you must also enter a billing contact, even if the event has no charge for attendees. Please refer to our registration guide for detailed information on the registration process.

To sign up for multiple events, you may use the 'autofill' process in your browser. Here are specific instructions for the common browsers: Google, Edge, Mozilla Firefox. Please note that we do not recommend entering credit card information using these processes, only name and address. Additionally, these do get removed if browser history is deleted. It is only recommended if you want to reuse name/address information.