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Governor Shapiro Addresses County Issues at CCAP Conference

News Date: Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Governor Shapiro
The Governor spoke on topics such as mental health funding, 911 funding, and election security.
Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro spoke at the 2024 CCAP Spring Conference, touching on a number of county priorities, as well as his experience being a Montgomery County commissioner. 

“County commissioner is where the rubber meets the road and I’m proud to have been a former county commissioner,” Shapiro said.  “I appreciate the work you do, and I know how important the work you do is, and I salute the work you do.”

Shapiro spoke on topics such as mental health funding, housing, 911 funding, indigent defense, economic development and election security. 

“I think this is an unprecedented relationship between CCAP, county commissioners and our administration,” he said. 

On county mental health funding, the governor has proposed an additional $20million in funding, adding onto the extra $20million from last year. 

“I hear you loud and clear when you say you don’t have enough and I’m ready to work with you to invest more money in county mental health services,” he said. “I’m also keenly aware that you have said you need more than what we’ve initially proposed. Right now,  I need your voices engaged in this budget process.”

The governor also spoke of the importance of CCAP conferences for county leaders across the commonwealth. 

“One thing I always appreciated about CCAP and the work commissioners do is that the work we do is non-partisan. It’s just about delivering good services and delivering meaningful results to people in your counties. Embrace this time you have together and embrace one another and learn from one another and appreciate the important work CCAP does.”

The 2024 CCAP Spring Conference ran from March 3-5.