Welcome to Unified Case Management

The County Criminal Justice Unified Case Management System (CJ-UCM) has been developed to meet the common and unique needs of the counties and the departments within those counties. Through the commitment to change and dedication from a number of counties and other stakeholders, CJ-UCM has become the unified solution for counties to manage their jail, adult probation and district attorney data.   

In addition to the UCM system for jail, adult probation and district attorney, CCAP has developed a stand-alone UCM for Public Defenders for counties and a Offender Supervision Web Portal for adult probation departments to supervise low-risk offenders. 


    • Does not require programmers or techies to use or maintain
    • Can be hosted internally by a county or in a shared resource environment
    • National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) compliant
    • Provides the ability to take forms offline on mobile devices for remote entry and scheduled synchronization
    • Wizard driven reporting for business, non-technical users
    • Tool/technology can be internalized in the county and expanded into other departments/areas
    • Facilitates communication with low-risk offenders via external facing web-based communication modules.
    • Facilitates surveys and assessments to assist with classification and risk assessments.
    • Built-In functionality to exchange data with other systems
    • A more cost effective option as opposed to three standalone case management systems for your adult probation, jail and district attorney offices
    • An option to have the applications hosted by a CCAP trusted private cloud
    • The ability to implement a product (Microsoft Dynamics CRM) that can be used by the county technology department to develop other non-criminal justice applications. This gives the county an option for less expensive and more controllable software development.
    • Statewide efforts to share data between participating counties. 
    • UCM can be accessed on smartphones or tablet devices with access to the Internet.