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Pennsylvania Compute Services (PACS)
Secure Hybrid, Cloud, Scalable, Elastic,
Compute on Demand, Fully Supported Solutions


PA Compute Services- PACS Hybrid Private Cloud

Managed Services for Securing County Critical Systems


In June 2014, Unisys and the Commonwealth launched a first-of-its-kind initiative that promises to transform how state agencies acquire IT services. Through this initiative, called Pennsylvania Compute Services (PACS), Unisys is providing and operating one of the largest, secure, cloud-based, on- demand IT computing implementations by a state government. … Contributing to Jobs That Pay

Under the competitively awarded contract, Unisys was engaged to consolidate seven separate data centers into a secure hybrid cloud that enables state agencies to access IT services as needed, reducing operating costs and enhancing flexibility and service delivery to more than 45 state agencies, boards and commissions. Currently 16 of the 45 agencies have transitioned critical infrastructure, data and applications into the PACS environment.Cloud Network

Pennsylvania agencies participating in PACS can purchase computing resources from an extensive catalogue of subscription-based IT services, allowing agencies to quickly ramp up and down as their service needs change. The services catalog is continuously updated with innovative services to leverage the business analytics- driving higher efficiencies with less cost, secure the data- protecting the citizens. These services are available through COSTARS to the surrounding local government and educational entities. … Providing Government That Works


 The PACS Advantage


Designed For Government & Education

  • Community Hybrid Cloud Hosted in Continental US
  • Government Certifications, CJIS, IRS
  • Advanced Compute Services
  • Scalable IT Infrastructure (Virtualization & Physical)
  • Elastic IT-Enabled Capabilities
  • Middleware Systems Management
  • Physical Database Support
  • Single or Multi-tenant


  • Tier 4 Data Center
  • 7 Layers of Physical Security
  • Compliance with PCI,CJIS,HIPPA, IRS
  • Enhanced Delivery of Services
  • Self Service, Capacity on Demand
  • Availability & Performance (99.99%+)
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Standard SLAs

Saves Taxpayers Money

PACS Hybrid Cloud


 PACS Services Offerings


Fully Managed Services

  • Virtual and Physical Compute Infrastructure
  • X86, IBM Mainframe, Unisys ClearPath, AIX Hosting
  • Storage Virtualization & Management
  • Network Security and Controls
  • Security Services – Antivirus, IDP, DLP, Vulnerability Testing
  • Capacity & Consumption Management
  • Patch Management
  • User Account Management
  • 24 X 7 Service Desk
  • Incident, Change & Problem Management
  • Infrastructure Availability Management
  • Performance Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Request Management
  • Monthly Billing & Invoicing

Optional Compute Services

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Services
  • Asset Management
  • Release Management
  • Batch Operations

Custom Services

  • Host Based
  • Managed Only Services on Customer Hardware

 Best in the Industry


Data Center

  • The PACS Ashburn Data Center Consists of one dedicated vault totaling 4,000 square feet
  • Dedicated Secure Space Known as Vault 5 Constructed Specifically for the Unisys Government Private Hybrid Cloud
  • Classified as a Tier 4 Data Center (Uptime Institute)
  • Backup Sites Available in other Continental US States
  • Access to Many Telecom Providers
  • 75% of all Internet Traffic Traverses in this Area
  • Data Center Facilities Partner, RagingWire, Best in the Industry
  • 100% Facility Available Guarantee
  • Highest Customer Loyalty in the Industry


  • 24X7 Highly Trained On-site Staff
  • In-house Security Team (No Contractors)
  • Military Combat Veterans And Career police
  • Coordinated Training Drills Conducted Periodically

Data Center Physical Security

  • Multiple Security Zones
  • 3-factor ID for Data Floor Access
  • 175 Concrete and Steel Bollards Surround Building
  • 360 Degrees Digital Camera Coverage

 Unisys PAC’s Proven


Security Services to Manage Risks

  • Advanced Threat Management
  • Security Reporting & Remediation
  • Security Awareness
  • Risk Registry

Security Base Monitoring Services

  • Vulnerability Scanning & Management
  • Intrusion Detection, Data Loss Prevention
  • Security Information and Event manager(SIEM)
  • Insider Threat Assessment
  • Configuration Monitoring

Security Device Management

  • Firewalls, IDS/IPS, Proxy Servers, Load Balancers
  • UTM, End Point Security, Remote Access

Additional Managed / Consulting Security Services Available

  • Stealth & LogRhythym
  • Cyber Resiliency Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Cybersecurity Strategic Program Development

 Compliance Certifications

Compliance Certifications
SOC 1SOC 2PCIDSSLEEDEnergy Star RatingSafe Harbor

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