CORE Technology Program

The CORE Membership program is designed to offer a wealth of technology and cybersecurity products, services and resources while simultaneously delivering exceptional value and assisting in the technological advancement of your county.


Being a CORE member is a commitment for the advancement of technology services and cybersecurity. It's learning, growing and investing in the overall success of your county. A CORE membership is invaluable opportunity to collaborate, exchange and share ideas among other IT professionals (county, state) as well as to receive vital educational tools and resources to stay abreast in the ever-changing world of technology and cybersecurity. The CORE program is a mutual partnership to expand knowledge and drive technology and cybersecurity initiatives. The CCAP Technology Services team is dedicated to ensuring the program is designed to support and advocate for the best practices in technology and cybersecurity for your county.


Benefits of the CORE Program:

Transparent Blue Keystone Image.pngPA CyberSafe and IT Quarterly Meetings

Transparent Blue Keystone Image.pngDocument Template Library of technology policies, job descriptions, RFP's and security questionnaires

Transparent Blue Keystone Image.pngIT Assessment

Transparent Blue Keystone Image.pngIT Security Self-Assessment

Transparent Blue Keystone Image.pngWebsite Design/ADA Compliance Assessment

Transparent Blue Keystone Image.pngMentorship Program

Transparent Blue Keystone Image.pngTechnology Trainings and Webinars

Transparent Blue Keystone Image.pngCybersecurity Awareness Services

Transparent Blue Keystone Image.pngCofense (Phishme and LMS)

Additional AD-HOC Services that include IT Strategic Planning, Recruitments Services, Technology Consulting Services and advanced Cofense services (these are charged individually based on the services chosen)

***AD-HOC and Cofense services are not exclusive to CORE Membership Participation***


30 Counties Participate in the Technology CORE Program!

2020 CORE Counties MAP.png

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