Aggregate Agreements
We have two agreements in place that assist in the procurement of software. The two agreements are an Adobe Cumulative License Program *(CLP) and Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (MSEA).



​What is an enterprise agreement?

A Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is a volume licensing program that makes it easy to acquire and manage software licenses at discounted prices*. Through a partnership between CCAP and Microsoft, Pennsylvania has an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft offering eligibility to license Microsoft software to standardize on one or more Microsoft enterprise platform products:

  • Office Pro Plus
  • Windows Enterprise
  • Core/Enterprise CAL Suite
  • O365 E1, E3, and E5 Plans
  • Enterprise Cloud Suite
  • Enterprise Mobility Suite

What Are The Benefits?

Software License Discounts*…for volume commitment and full enterprise platform product licenses.

Access to the most recent versions…which provides technology standardization.

Simplified budgetary planning…allowing for predictable software prices for the term of your agreement.

Simplified license tracking…reducing administration overhead.

Lower total cost of ownership. By standardizing on the enterprise platform, your total cost of ownership is reduced and workplace productivity is improved.

How do I take advantage of an Enterprise Agreement?

You may contact Kim Ade, Manager of County Technology Programs for more information on CCAP's Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.




​What is the Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP)?

Designed to benefit small to large companies, CLP is a two-year membership program that offers commercial customers significant savings on volume purchases of Adobe products and simplifies software administration.

As a CLP customer, your organization is eligible to purchase upgrade coverage for most Adobe perpetual licenses*. Upgrade Plan gives you immediate access to product upgrades for the length of your coverage period at a fixed cost per licensed product, enabling you to save money, efficiently manage your software upgrades, and achieve better budget predictability.

Read more on Adobe's website!