CCAP at a Glance

CCAP is the voice of Pennsylvania counties. If you are new to CCAPs Membership or to Pennsylvania local government or just want more information about what we do, you have come to the right place! Our membership represents each of the 67 Pennsylvania County's' elected officials, but CCAP's outreach extends to legislators, the public, private business and others. We have many programs and services that offer specific solutions that are geared to Pennsylvania county government. CCAP is a vital partner in helping Pennsylvania counties deliver critical programs and services to residents.


Government Relations 

CCAP's lobbyists are integrally involved in legislative activities that impact Pennsylvania counties. Our legislative platform and annual priorities guide the organization's successes. We also hold conference calls, schedule webinars, and publish e-newsletters and Calls to Action while coordinating efforts with members and encouraging participation in grassroots advocacy efforts. Join a CCAP committee and learn form the best!


Insurance Programs and Services

CCAP insurance/non-insurance service programs can be the solution for quality customer service. Programs are available for counties with some available for eligible county-related entities.



Numerous conferences, webinars, workshops and meetings allow members to remain up-to-date on legislative, administrative and communications-related topics. 


Technology Programs and Services

These services range in the Core IT membership; providing access to a library of shared resource documents to software solutions.


Media and Publications 

Media-related activities occur year-round, resulting in statewide coverage and influence for CCAP and its member counties. The County News magazine, Legislative Bulletin, CCAP Update, Insurance Matters, Annual Report and many more publications provide timely, accurate information to make counties' jobs a little easier.



CCAP's affiliates extend our reach to crucial human services programs and services.


In addition to the county specific programs and services, we offer vendor opportunities and networking programs that help make CCAP and its members successful.