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Volume 15 Issue 6

  March 19, 2020



An e-newsletter of the

County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania


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Coronavirus Resources

Coronavirus guidance materials and other links have been gathered into a single web page on the CCAP website for your easy reference, click here

The National Association of Counties has also created a resource page for counties, which includes an analysis of recently approved federal legislation, click here.


Census Webinar to Help Shape Your County's Future

April 1, 2020 is National Census Day. By this date, every home will have received their invitation to participate in the 2020 Census. Pennsylvania's Department of Community and Economic Development and CCAP have scheduled a webinar on Friday, March 27, 11 a.m.

The 30 minute session will assist your county with shaping the future of your community with the U.S. Census. Click here to register for the webinar to learn more about how to support a complete count in your community for education, healthcare, housing, food security, roads, and the size of the Pennsylvania delegation in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Meanwhile, download Census materials and resources at The census is a short questionnaire with only nine questions, all related to collecting basic information about the people living in a household. For more information and resources to help you spread the Census message, please click here.


State Bridge Survey

The Pennsylvania State Transportation Commission's Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) is requesting your assistance with completing this online survey to help inform the TAC's special study of locally owned, small bridges in the commonwealth. For this survey, a locally owned, small bridge is a structure between 8 - 20 feet in length that is the responsibility of a county or municipal government agency to maintain and repair.

The survey is to collect responses on the current state of inventory, condition, and investment in local small bridges in your respective communities. The information collected will further help identify the critical issues, challenges and needs relative to locally owned small bridges, which are significant elements to our commonwealth's transportation infrastructure and are of growing concern relative to our local economies and public safety.

Please complete the survey by Friday, March 31, 2020. Visit here for more information on the TAC.


CIT Conference in August

The Crisis Intervention Team International Conference is scheduled for August 24-26 in Pittsburgh. The conference will include national, state and local speakers, and more than 100 workshops.

The target audience includes police, corrections, probation, parole, jails, PSP, SCI's and mental health providers. Click here for  more information and to register.


PCCD Grants Available

The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency has announced funding for 2020-21 Victims Comp, Sexual Assault Claims

You must be registered with PCCD to access the 
Egrants System. Once your registration is accepted, select the Login button. Enter the User ID and Password established when you registered, and Login to the system through the Egrants Production link. Then you will see the User Management Profile Details page. You must save this information in order to access the system.



Registration is now open for the following NACo webinars


Recordings of webinars from the past six months are available. To access these recordings, or for additional details and course registration information, please visit


Job Postings

To submit a county job posting, refer to the CCAP Job Postings webpage, where you'll find the jobs below and possibly others posted since the preparation of this e-newsletter.

For additional information on submitting a job posting contact Mandi Glantz.

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