Date Posted:Thursday, September 27, 2018

Recovery Community Celebrates Fourth Annual Recovery Advocacy Day


“Through prevention and treatment, individuals around the nation and in this commonwealth are able to recover,” according to Representative Thomas Murt, who recognized September as National Recovery Month. To promote the widespread national observance, nearly 200 people recently participated in Recovery Advocacy Day at the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg. The day’s activities aimed to support people in recovery and draw attention to critical prevention, treatment and recovery support services. 

“Today was a celebration based on a vision we had four years ago when Recovery Advocacy Day first originated,” said Cheryl Andrews, president of the Pennsylvania Association of County Drug and Alcohol Administrators and executive director of the Washington County Drug and Alcohol Commission. “There is power in bringing the recovery community together and where there is power there is positive change.”

Senator Lisa Baker thanked participants for shining a spotlight on recovery. She added that considerable strides are being made in communities with task forces and individuals working together to help give that fresh chance of a productive life.

After a morning media event in the main rotunda, participants spent the remainder of the day meeting with elected officials to share their stories and convey messages of hope that people can and do recover. In addition, more than a dozen recovery organizations were on hand to provide educational materials to the general public.

“It is important that the momentum we’ve established at this event is carried over to tomorrow, and the next day, week, and year,” said Marianna Horowitz, program coordinator with the Pennsylvania Recovery Organization Alliance. “We all have the potential to make a difference and to spread the message and truth that recovery is possible.”

The event was held in conjunction with Pennsylvania’s Recovery Month Kick-Off Event which occurred on September 5. Ellen DiDomenico, deputy secretary of the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs, encouraged anyone with a drug or alcohol problem to call the toll-free statewide helpline at 1 (800) 662-HELP.