Academy Program
The Academy for Excellence in County Government is a certificate training program for county commissioners, council members, county executives, administrators and assistant administrators, chief clerks and assistant chief clerks, solicitors and assistant solicitors, and their equivalents in home rule counties. CCAP and the Academy are committed to training informed and responsible public officials to give Pennsylvania's counties the leadership needed to deal with the challenges of today's county government. 



To receive the Academy certificate, participants must complete each of the eight core/required credits plus earn 18 elective credits prior to November 2022 to be eligible for graduation in the 2019 - 2022 program cycle.


Core/Required Credits:

  • Today's Trends in County Government
    Examines national, state and regional trends that affect counties. Participants will examine county structure; legal, fiscal and political roles; and sources for information and assistance. Topics vary.
  • County Functions and Responsibilities (Pennsylvania Specific)
    Looks at the structures, functions and responsibilities of counties in Pennsylvania including the formation of counties, structure of counties, the County Code, human services, criminal justice, general administration, boards and commissions, and home rule and optional plans.
  • County Financial Management
    Provides guidance for participants to better manage their county's fiscal affairs. Topics vary but may include: revenue sources, budget and accounting, bookkeeping and auditing, and fiscal management techniques.
  • Personnel and Labor Relations
    Looks at personnel issues that counties face including federal and state employment laws, management techniques, collective bargaining and contract administration.
  • Leadership, Management and Decision Making
    Draws upon experiences of successful leaders to illustrate and teach leadership, management and decision making skills. Topics vary but may include: management and leadership style, handling controversy, meeting management, information management, and effective communications.
  • Legal Issues
    Emphasizes legal matters unique to counties, including the relationship of the county with the courts and other agencies, and other legal matters. Includes a discussion of current case law.
  • Risk Management
    Looks at insurance and risk management in counties including loss control, insurance coverages, safety committees, limiting liability, handling claims and defending a lawsuit.
  • Personal Development
    Topics vary but are intended to enrich the participant's communication and interpersonal skills.


Elective Credits:
Elective credits will be offered during select CCAP workshops, Insurance Program workshops and at Conference breakouts sessions during the CCAP Spring Conference, County Administration Conference, Annual Conference and Fall Conference. Elective course topics include, but are not limited to, these topic areas: human services, media relations, tax and assessment issues, writing skills, business etiquette, time management, public speaking, managing effective meetings, capital improvements, conflict resolution, economic development, budgetings, and more.

Look for the Academy icon in Conference programs to designate an eligible elective course.


Virtual Events:
Some virtual or webinar events may be recorded and offered for credit through an electronic format. To receive credit, the recorded session must be viewed in its entirety and a verfification of attendance form submitted. Current courses availble to be viewed electronically include:


  • CCAP Virtual County Administration Conference, Electives
    Spring 2021
    Video access for registered Conference attendees only
    Attendance Verification Form (PDF)



  • CCAP Virtual Spring Conference Education Series, Electives
    Fall 2021
    Recordings will be posted when available (Conference username/password required)
    Attendance Verification Form (PDF)







 Support For This Year's Programming is Provided By:


The Academy Achievement Award (PDF) is presented to any participant in the program who fulfills the requirements of graduation within a four year period from time of initial enrollment. Recipients receive a monetary reimbursement of their investment in program registration fees at the time of graduation.  










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