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Member Services



An important benefit of CCAP's insurance programs is a variety of enhanced services tailored for our members and typically not available through the commercial insurance market. The pool boards of directors and the staff are constantly looking a ways to expand on the services provided to the members to meet the ever-changing needs of those we serve.​​​​




​Claims administration for most of our pools is handled in-house by CCAP staff, providing members with more involvement in resolving their claims. Our full-time staff of dedicated, experienced and professional claims representatives has been specifically trained to handle public entity property, liability, workers' compensation and other claims.

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Our insurance programs provide regular information to our members in a variety of ways.

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Insurance solutions for county-related entities, joinders, separate non-profits or intergovernmental cooperative entities. Learn more.



​Risk management is an integral part of our insurance pools. CCAP staff identify and evaluate each pool's exposure to loss, and subsequently find means to adequately protect the pools and our members from those exposures.




​Each month the Insurance Matters email newsletter contains updates on program operations, governance and finances, as well as claims and risk control updates and reminders of upcoming meeting and workshops.

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