Claims Department


CCAP Insurance Programs Claim Department is committed to providing excellent claims service to members of CCAP's insurance and member service programs. The Department will use every resource to provide timely payments of proper amounts of funds to restore a loss, whether suffered by a member itself or others to whom the member is legally or ethically bound to compensate.

This includes:

  • Investigation of claims in a timely manner
  • Evaluation of the available coverage provided to the member
  • Determination of the proper total cost to make the member whole, including establishment of long term claims reserves
  • Claims reduction activities to reduce fraud
  • Selection of appropriate defense counsel
  • Efficient and effective management of litigation related claims
  • Accurate data collection and management to provide members with  information about their loss history
  • Provision of reports to appropriate insurers and reinsurers

If a CCAP Insurance Program elects to utilize a third party administrator for claims administration services, the CCAP Claims Department will serve to oversee the quality of services provided to the members of that program.

PCoRP, PComp and PELICAN Claims Reporting

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​​For more information contact:

Cassie Troup
Claims Manager
Office Phone: (717) 526-1010 x3356
Direct Phone: (717) 736-4756