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UC Trust provides unemployment compensation insurance for county employees.



Created by the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania in 1981, the Unemployment Compensation Trust was the first insurance product designed and operated by the Association. The Trust has served counties for 30 years, and has been very successful. A totally self-insured program, the Trust currently provides unemployment compensation insurance for 47 counties!

Member counties receive a full service package, including reviews of all claims filed against the county, quarterly claims statements, training workshops and on-site training.

The CCAP UC Trust also provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for all member counties and their employees, administrated Mazzitti & Sullivan of Harrisburg, PA.

The Trust's claims administrator is Corporate Cost Control.

The Trust's legal counsel is Barbara A. Zemlock of CCAP Insurance Programs. ​​​​​​​





​For more information about how your county can save money on unemployment compensation insurance contact:

Desiree J. Nguyen
Deputy Director, Pool Operations
Office Phone: (717) 526-1010 x3379
Direct Phone: (717) 736-4779




Employee Assistance Program (EAP): The Employee Assistance Program is available to all CCAP UC Trust member county's full-time and regular part-time employees and their immediate family members through a contractual agreement with Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP Services.

The service provides up to three counseling sessions per problem situation at no cost. The cost of additional help beyond the three sessions for a specific problem may be payable through the employees insurance benefits. Insurance benefits, costs, and referral options are explained to the employee during the initial free consultation. Most importantly the service is strictly confidential and information is not released to family, friends, or employers without the employees consent in writing. 

Free or Discounted Training Opportunities: All employees of a CCAP UC Trust member county receive free or discounted registration fees to attend the following  CCAP Insurance Programs Workshops:

  • KEYS Workshops - FREE
  • UC Trust Sponsored Workshops - FREE
  • County Administration Conference (2-day event) - Member Rate

For more information on workshop dates, topics and locations, click here.

Claims Administration and Cost Control Services:
Corporate Cost Control provides the following Claim Control Services to members of the CCAP UC Trust:

  • Claims Management
  • Hearing Representation
  • Benefit Charge Auditing
  • Tax Rate Verification, Voluntary Contributions, Joint Accounts, Tax Rate Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Customized and Web Based Reports
  • Ongoing Education and Training





​Since 2009, the CCAP UC Trust has been offering the Risk Control Incentive Program to recognize the annual loss control activities conducted within each member county and county related entity. Properly implemented risk control activities, such as education, updated policies and procedures and timely reporting, can help reduce the costs of unemployment charges before a separation even occurs. Members have the opportunity to earn credits, a maximum of five percent, towards their quarterly contributions to the Trust upon satisfactory completion or implementation of qualified risk control related activities. This document outlines the Trust’s expectations, defining satisfactory completion and implementation.

Members must be in good standing (all quarterly contribution payments received and accounted for) in order to participate in the CCAP UC Trust Risk Control Incentive Program.

2021 Risk Control Incentive Program Document

Online Activity Reporting Form