CCAP Philosophy




It is the mission of CCAP insurance programs to assist counties and county related entities to protect their employees, clients, their property, financial assets, and the public who use their facilities.

To accomplish this, CCAP insurance programs staff will strive to provide:

  • Quality member services to counties and county-related entities in the area of risk management, insurance, employee benefits, bonding and related areas.
  • Professional, fair, timely and accurate claims services to members of CCAP’s insurance programs.
  • Professional advice to counties and county-related entities regarding loss control, safety, contractual and operational issues.
  • Quality loss control training for management, supervisors and employees of counties and county-related entities.
  • Regular, relevant information to members and their insurance producers through the use of various media.
  • Any reasonable assistance to counties and county-related entities to make their workplace and operations as safe as possible for the public and county employees.



​For more information contact:

John Sallade, CRM
Managing Director, Insurance Programs
Office Phone: (717) 526-1010 x3309
Direct Phone: (717) 736-4709