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Criminal Justice Unified Case Management (CJ-UCM)

The County Criminal Justice Unified Case Management System (CJ-UCM) has been developed to meet the common and unique needs of the counties and the departments within those counties. Through the commitment to change and dedication from a number of counties and other stakeholders, CJ-UCM has become the unified solution for counties to manage their jail, adult probation and district attorney caseload. 
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  • Microsoft platform
  • No special technical expertise or skill required
  • Can be hosted by county or in shared resource environment
  • Freely available in government ‘app-pool’ for customization & adoption
  • NIEM compliant
  • Facilitates Contact & Case Management
  • Facilitates Administrative & Officer Management & Scheduling
  • Provides ability to take forms offline on mobile devices for remote entry & scheduled synchronization
  • Wizard driven reporting for non-technical users
  • UCM can be internalized in county & expanded to other departments/areas
  • Facilitates communication with low-risk offenders via web-based check-ins & address updates
  • Facilitates surveys & assessments to assist with classification & risk assessments
  • Supports direct & indirect offender management
  • Common platform that other non-CJ applications can be built on
  • Built-In functionality to exchange data with other systems