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Chief Clerk / Operations Officer

County: Cumberland
Job Description
Position Title: Chief Clerk / Operations Officer Full-time; 37.5 hours per week Classification: Grade 25; Exempt Salary: $89,992.50, negotiable DOE Posted: February 14,2013 General Description: Manages the day-to-day operations of the County within the guidelines of the policies and procedures established by the County Code and the Board of Commissioners. Essential Functions: 1. Assists Commissioners with the establishment and management of County programs, policies and procedures. 2. Directly supervises the senior management staff that is responsible to implement County programs, policies and procedures. 3. Studies and analyzes administrative operations and problems, prepares comprehensive reports of findings and makes recommendations to Commissioners regarding changes, adjustments or other necessary and required information. 4. Prepares and reviews administrative/operations policies and procedures. 5. Collaborates closely with the Finance department in the development of the County Budget, with continuous monitoring of the financial status of the County. 6. Performs special assignments as received from the Board of Commissioners. 7. Assists in the management of County programs, and assures that policies, procedures and regulations are implemented and enforced. 8. Reviews correspondence, reports, news sources or publications and informs Commissioners of subsequent developments and/or problems. 9. Collects, interprets, analyzes and summarizes information to be used as a basis for the executive actions of the Commissioners. 10. Communicates with County officials, offices, news media and general public, on behalf of the Board of Commissioners. 11. Maintains timely knowledge of important trends, events, and practices affecting County government. 12. Upon direction of the Board of Commissioners, initiates and directs short and long term planning, and assigns and sets deadlines for special projects and reports. 13. Continually reviews basic policies and procedures and recommends changes to the Board of Commissioners when necessary. Requirements: 1. Must possess highly developed communication and interpersonal skills and have the ability to use these skills both written and orally in a public setting as well as to promote the understanding of complex issues among the Commissioners. 2. Must possess the ability to function independently, have flexibility and the ability to work effectively with staff, government officials, general public and others. 3. Must lead by example using interpersonal skills to motivate and effectively manage the workforce. 4. Must have the ability to build good relationships with cohorts and be fair in their interactions. 5. Knowledge of statistical and analytical evaluation techniques to make improvements to set forth the convincing logic for their acceptance and set the stage for implementation. 6. Requires a self-starter with integrity, initiative, and problem solving skills. 7. Must possess critical thinking skills with the ability to be objective, unbiased, impartial and open to listen to conflicting opinions and viewpoints to understand good and valid arguments on all sides of an issue. 8. Must possess thorough knowledge of principles and practices of County government and administration, programs and policies and the ability to ensure that these are carried out within the County code and all applicable laws. 9. Must maintain confidentiality concerning County information and records. 10. Must possess a willingness to travel as necessary to carry out essential job duties or to attend meetings and trainings. 11. Must make independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action. 12. Must possess good teambuilding capabilities with the ability to influence and delegate work to others in a means of empowerment, to meet deadlines and obtain superior performance. 13. Possess sharp conceptual skills to analyze and study a complex situation deeply and develop strategies for effective functioning. 14. Must possess superior ability to analyze and make thorough recommendations to County Commissioners. 15. Must have the ability to break down and explain the budget process by possessing in-depth financial knowledge of public finance requirements and the process. 16. Must possess the ability to exercise good judgment and discretion in the absence of guidance on important issues of county government. 17. Must possess the ability to deal and work effectively with those of different temperaments, backgrounds, and educational qualifications. Minimum Training and Experience: Bachelor's degree required; MBA/MA preferred or equivalent management experience. Public and/or private sector senior management level experience. Ten to 15 years management experience. Application Deadline: March 27, 2013 Please complete the online application and upload your resume and letter of interest to apply for this position on the County website,
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Karen S. Wolff