Updated - County Public Official Bonding Changes
Date Posted: Monday, November 28, 2011

Act 106 of 2011, effective November 23, revises the County Code provisions concerning public official bonds. The changes apply to all counties. Counties will no longer need to purchase many of the separate bonds payable to the commonwealth, and there are new provisions requiring counties to establish the amount of the financial security coverage for public officials and county employees. Attached is a detailed explanation of the Act (updated 12/21/11), a copy of the Act, and a sample resolution which counties can adapt to comply with the Act.

Please note the sample resolution calls for an annual bid process for the purchase of crime insurance or bonds - the annual bid process is not required by the Act. Thanks to Montgomery County for sharing its resolution for use by other counties.

Questions about Act 106 can be forwarded to John Sallade or Karen Cohen at CCAP.