Equifax Unemployment Compensation Training
As a benefit of your county’s membership in the UC Trust you are afforded training by Equifax. This training is designed to help you understand topics of discipline, discharge, proper documentation and hearing preparation, which is imperative to reducing claims costs.​​​




​​Questions concerning Equifax training should be directed to:

Desiree J. Nguyen
​Deputy Director, Pool Operations
Office Phone: (717) 526-1010 x3379
Direct Phone: (717) 736-4779


​Equifax Workforce Solutions is wholly dedicated to the education, empowerment and success of our Unemployment Cost Management partners. By arming you with a full understanding of the unemployment process, we enable your organization to optimize our UC partnership through proper compliance, avoidance of fines/penalties, reduced costs associated with inappropriate charges, which all support significant savings through reduction of unemployment taxes.
Courses are designed to equip you with the tools you need to effectively navigate ever evolving, and increasingly costly unemployment regulations at no additional cost to you!
These sessions are available live via webinar or on-demand at any time through e-learning.
Equifax Online Training Catalog - Q4 2017


Registration is limited to the first 500 attendees. If you are interested in attending a live training, please contact Desiree J. Nguyen for more information.




In addition to instructor-led/eLearning courses, Equifax also provides several eLearning only courses regarding a variety of topics. These courses are less than 15 minutes in length.
Secure Communications: This on-demand session goes over the different options for sending and receiving electronic communications with Equifax.
Claimant Archive: Claimant Archive, Equifax Workforce Solutions’ application that stores historical claim, charge and separation related documents is demonstrated in this short on-demand session. 
CaseBuilder Oversight: Understand the different CaseBuilder user roles and their capabilities by watching this quick on-demand training session. 
CaseLink Demo: A 3 minute video that reviews how to login to CaseLink, our dynamic e-mail platform. Includes information on how CaseLink can be used in conjunction with CaseBuilder. Click here to watch.
Reasonable Assurance: This video allows viewers to experience Reasonable Assurance in 15 minutes, exploring topics ranging from defining what Reasonable Assurance means to a case study of application. Printable resources are included. 
Compliance in a Nutshell –Coming Soon!
Federal and state enforcement of UI Integrity makes responding to all claims critical for all employers. This video will outline the importance of compliance and provide best practices in less than 10 minutes.